Adoption Home Study

Guiding you through an important part in the process. 

What is a Home Study?

An adoption home study is required by law for every type of adoption. This study is conducted by a licensed case worker and is a basic overview of your life – including your finances, criminal background checks and personal relationships. It is used by the court system to ensure you have a suitable, stable and nurturing home environment, ready to welcome a child.

An adoption home study can often be the most time intensive step of the entire process. It requires extensive reviews of critical documents (marriage licenses, birth certificates, etc.). We would encourage your family to begin this process as soon as you are able so this does not delay your adoption.

Do You Live in Georgia?

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Do You Live In Somewhere Else?​

We can recommend licensed professionals in your state who are qualified to conduct your home study.

Elements of a Home Study

While there is variability, most adoption home studies include:

  • Submitting personal documents (birth certificates, marriage licenses, financial records)
  • Interviews by your case worker with each member of the adoptive household
  • Home visits with your caseworker
  • Character references
  • Background checks (such as child abuse clearances and criminal record checks)

For more information regarding home study requirements for prospective parents in domestic adoption in Georgia please visit the Child Welfare Information Gateway.