Our goal is to help you clearly understand the steps of adoption while listening to your heart’s desire for your life and for the life of your baby.

This is a deeply personal choice. Your case worker will listen to your heart and discuss your desires for your future and your baby’s future. If you wish to choose the adoptive parents for your baby, we will share profiles of loving, hopeful adoptive families. You can get to know each other through phone calls, texts, and in person gatherings. If you do not wish to choose the adoptive parents for your baby, that is ok! We will listen to your hopes, desires, and dreams for you baby and we will honor your wishes. You voice matters in all aspects of your adoption plan.
You may be searching for something specific, like a two parent family, two dads or two moms, a single parent, or a family with or without children. Maybe you’re searching for a family that practices a certain religion, or no religion at all. Whatever family dynamics you have in mind, we can help you find the right fit for you and your baby.

All services are free of charge to you.

Nope! You still have time to make an adoption plan! If you have gone into labor and have not yet selected a family, don’t worry. Together we can create an adoption plan in a matter of hours. We have numerous wonderful families that are ready to go at a moment’s notice. It is never too late to create an adoption plan that meets all of your expectations and requirements. It is never too early or too late to call us for assistance.

Our experienced case workers are experts in adoption planning and are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Closed Adoption: Closed adoption is not choosing the family to adopt your baby. The agency would choose the family based on the information you shared with your caseworker. You do not have any direct contact before or after delivery of the baby. The agency can share updates and photos with you when you are ready.
Open Adoption: Open adoption means you choose a family for your baby and you have direct contact with the family throughout the pregnancy and beyond. Open adoption provides the opportunity to choose what level of contact you wish to have with the adoptive family and your child. This may change over time, and that is perfectly ok! We will work with you to help you figure out what level of openness is most comfortable for you.

We feel fortunate to be located in Pennsylvania, one of the few states that allows Post Adoption Contact Agreements. This agreement is a framework that helps all parties come to a decision about communication that best suits them for open adoption. We wholeheartedly support open adoption and have seen some of the most beautiful relationships built as a result. If you are unsure of open adoption, or have questions about what open adoption really looks like, never hesitate to ask!

No. In most cases your baby will go home from the hospital with the adoptive family you choose. If you need more time to make a decision, our case workers can provide temporary care for the baby.

We can help assist you in both of these cases. Please call us to learn more.

Yes. Necessary and reasonable living expenses usually cover rent, utilities, food, transportation and maternity clothes. In addition to living expenses, the costs for counseling, attorneys’ fees and medical expenses are also covered.

No. You will not have to go to court for adoption.

Our services are 100% confidential. It is up to you to share your adoption plans with your family, friends, or coworkers. We will guide you through the best way to keep your plans confidential or we will help you through sharing your plan with your family.

It’s easy, just reach out to one of our caseworkers! We are available to you anytime of any day. You can reach us by phone, text or through email.